Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Lunch

My friends and I had Mother's Day lunch at Mona's house even if she is still in Canada.

It was Corry, her younger sister, who was our hostess today and she did a great job! She is a Pedia-Pulmo doctor at Makati Med, Asian and Las Pinas Doctors.

I slept at their house the night before and we bought midnight snacks at Mulligan's in BF.

Buffalo Wings

And... Nacho platter.

She even woke up early to cook corned beef for me!!! And if I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not believe that she could cook FLUFFY scrambled eggs!

Way to go, Corry!

We planned this swimming picnic because lately it has been SO hot! I would check Accuweather sometimes and temperature reading would say 36 C but feels like 46!!!!!!

It was very refreshing to spend the day swimming!

Jing and I wanted to have our picture taken but her boys were "photo bombers"!

Now for the best part of the day.....

Mon brought 2 kinds of crab dishes, Crab in Squash Soup and Fried Crabs.

Sherman makes the best Bicol Express ever!!!!!

Corry ordered my favorite Little Quiapo's Pancit Palabok

And... Okoy!

I cooked Adobo yesterday and just reheated it.

They said they loved it! Matched perfectly with the other food.

Tricia brought lots of chips and dip but we left it at the pool house and I forgot to take a photo.

It was the birthday of Mon last month so we asked Corry to get him a cake!

Belated Happy Birthday, Mon!

We ordered halo halo and mais con yelo from Little Quiapo after lunch.

Mine was Mais con Yelo. It had Leche flan and vanilla ice cream!

Mona! We missed you! Wish you were with us in your own house!

Ohhhh BTW Mona, I pressed your toothpaste from the middle of the tube! Hahahahahaha

Thank you, Corry! Let's do this again!


Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!!

I supper dooper miss you but I have another Mama in my house today.

I am the host of Our Lady of Fatima for a week!

I feel so blessed.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Poor baby! According to the helper, Wriggly cried the whole night and day and just stopped when I got home.

He was so tired from his ordeal.


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