Thursday, May 15, 2014

Korean Night with the Junkies!

Cat brought us to this Korean Grill resto called Joe's Snack Grill located on one of the streets of Kalayaan/Burgos/Poblacion area.

The place is small and gets filled up with lots of Koreans so better make reservations or have lunch or dinner early.

We had the Beef Bacon.

With lots of condiments, lettuce and sesame leaves!

And Pork Belly.

I loved the grilled garlic, jalapeƱo and sweet potato! Especially because of the pork fat!

I asked the server to lift the grill so I could take a picture of the oil from the fat.

My Korean Barbecue!

Then I folded the leaves to make a small pouch, dipped it into the sauce and took a bite.

A Korean lady once told me to put the whole thing in my mouth! She said I should not bite into it. I could not eat it that way.

Ohhhh I love Shey's quote of the night:

"Wag Tayong hihinto ng kain, Baka ma busog tayo!"


I could not translate it English or else..... I will lose the "essence of Shey!" Hahahahahaha!

After dinner coffee and dessert at UCC, Rockwell.

Coffee for the sexy girls.....

And..... Mais con Yelo for me!

Hahahahahaha Now you know why I am not as fit and slim as them!

We had a wonderful night!

I want to eat again at the Korean Grill!




  1. wow that looks yum! i should eat there some time. :P

    1. Yes Vicky! I am dreaming about it right now.