Friday, May 2, 2014

King Chef Dimsum

My fellow foodie, Sam, and I had dimsum at King Chef, Banawe last night.

At certain hours, the price of the dimsum is discounted.

We were there before 9 pm so we ordered Hot and Sour soup first.

Then several kinds of dimsum:

Chicken Feet


Steamed Seafood Bundle


Steamed Spareibs


Fried Prawn Dumpling

Ham Soy Kok

For our dessert we ordered ....

Mango Pudding

And Almond Jelly.

I was so full after our dimsum overload!

Naturally, my blood sugar reading after was way off the charts!

It was 326!!!!

Will do my best to lower it. That means no more baking of cookies, cakes and pastries!

Ok, I can still bake them but not eat.


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