Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Doc Bernie!!!

My friends and I were invited to the birthday celebration of Doc Bernie a.k.a. Dra. Cristina's better half.

Cristina assembled a salad with Asian dressing, toasted almonds and toasted noodles.

I loved the Children's style spaghetti of Ate Gle, the family's long-time cook! I am still dreaming about it now.

Especially the noodles!!! Perrrrrrrfect!


My Junkie friends and I have this private ( but not anymore) joke. They like their noodles cooked al dente but I prefer mine cooked to the point where I can mash it with a fork!!!

Foccacia Bread from Trigo

There was an endless supply of my favorite pork barbecue from Mama Jeng's.

Huge Rellenong Bangus, much to Pinky's delight.

Blueberry Cheesecake

.... decorated by their little niece, Ria.

Chocolate Cake from Miko.

Chocolate Crinkles from ADB.

I ate a whole cookie! I could not help myself! It was soft and chewy!!!

Assorted munchies...

Birthday cake from Pinky.

My most favorite candid shot of the night!!!

Sweet and romantic couple!

Happy birthday, Doc Bernie!!!


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