Monday, May 26, 2014

End of Summer Getaway

Summer vacation is about to end! My friends and I went to the beach to beat the heat!

I woke up at dawn yesterday. Doc Bernie and Doc Tricia picked me up at 6 am, then we picked up Pinky and her nephew, Jacob.

The rest of the group met at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay where we had our Buffet Breakfast.

Lots of selections to choose from.

I am not a heavy breakfast eater because I am rarely awake for breakfast! Hahahaha!

My choices were....

Beef tapa, corned beef, pork tocino, sunny side up egg, hot chocolate, sopas, pork and beans.

I have a mild case of OCD when it comes to food touching each other. As much as possible, I try to arrange the food with a little distance from each other.

Especially food with sauce! I loved the sardines, I wonder what is the brand? I also tried the hotdog, Longanisa and hash browns.

A woman approached me and asked if I am a food blogger. Her name is Christine.

She is on vacation from Chicago. Christine said, she followed the recipe of my salad with grapes and blue cheese!

From Tagaytay, Nasugbu was just a few minutes away. Well... It seemed like it was such a short drive because I fell asleep in the car. Hahahaha Bernie, Tricia and Pinky said they knew I was sleeping because they "heard" me!

We stayed at Canyon Cove Beach Club.

Pinky and I shared a room with Jacob. It has a king sized bed and a full sized day bed.

I love the view from our room!

Wish I could wake up each day with the vista of the ocean.

A few days before our trip, Pinky asked the group in our private message thread if her nephew, Jacob, could tag along with us.

They all said yes but Miko suggested that Pinky should ask me because we were going to be room mates.

Pinky assured me that Jacob is a well behaved 6 year old boy.

She did not lie! Jacob was indeed so well behaved!

He did not whine, did not have tantrums, ate whatever her Tita put on his plate and the best part was.... Jacob only spoke to the grown ups when spoken to!!!!

That is very rare this day. I still believe in the saying that children should only be seen and not heard.

He is an active happy little boy with the other kids, Carrie, Marty and Gio.

Jacob said he enjoyed himself and I also had fun with him!

The resort's restaurant is operated by Max's.

Our table had the Fried Spring Chicken


And Chopsuey.

I also ordered the soup of the day.

After we checked out of the resort today, I met another follower of my blog as we were about to leave Canyon Cove.

Her name is Alma. She told her son, she got the BBQ recipe from my blog.

We had lunch at LZM Bulalohan in Tagaytay.

Our appetizer while waiting for the rest of the group was Chicharon.

Lunch was my favorite LZM Bangus!

We also ordered Crispy Pata.

And.... TADA! Bulalo!

It makes me weep with joy every time I look at this picture!

Now I understand why some people sigh with contentment when they look at a beautiful painting. I feel the same way with bone marrow pictures!

Coffee and Dessert at Starbucks across LZM.

Last photo op with the gang.....

Gio, Eric, Jodie, Carrie, Jacob, Pinky, Tricia, Marty, Miko, Alvin and Bernie.

I super loved our quick getaway before school starts!

We have to do this again!!!! And again! And again!!!!





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    1. Vicky! He is and so well behaved also!

  2. Hi, Ms. Lia! Just got back from a week vacation :) Thanks for featuring me in your blog. Am so glad to finally meet and thank you for the many recipes i copied here, especially the pork BBQ :))) My kids can't get enough of them. Again, thanks heaps :) God bless!

    1. Hi Alma! I always enjoy meeting my followers! Thank you for reading my posts.