Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marby's John Pullman Special

A Pullman loaf is a bread baked inside a Pullman loaf pan. It is a pan with a slide-on lid which produces a square loaf.

My absolute favorite brand is Marby's John Pullman Special.

I have been eating different kinds of sandwiches for dinner these past few nights.


I had to check online how to assemble a perfect BLT sandwich.

Next on my list.... Club Sandwich with bacon and ham.

Another favorite is the chicken sandwich.

I always buy Honey Ham from Santi's or deli section of Rustan's.

Best eaten with butter and guava jelly

Or with sliced cold butter and jellied cranberry sauce.

The reason why I love Marby's John Pullman Special is because when you press down the bread, it will not spring back anymore and if you are lucky, when you eat it, the bread will get stuck on the roof of your mouth!!!!



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