Monday, April 7, 2014

Lizzy is my new dog!

Meet Lizzy!

But Hermie calls her, Lazy! Hahahahaha Tracy and I told her the name is Lizzy! Not Lazy!

She is my new rescue dog given to me by CARA.

She was found in Bel-Air 2 wandering around. BAVA immediately informed Tracy Tuason and she rescued it or else Lizzy would have gone to the pound.

The first time Wriggly and Lizzy met....

Hahahaha we cannot get away from the butt sniffing ritual....

I hope Wriggly and Lizzy will get on well....

Lizzy snapped at Wriggly a few times already because he would not stop sniffing and pestering her!


Right now as I am writing this post, my new helper and Hermie are walking Lizzy around the village.

Welcome to my home, little one!


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