Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tricia's and Bernie's New House

My friends and I were invited to the newly built house of Tricia and Bernie.

I love their house because of the way the ventilation system was designed!

Cross ventilation and very high ceilings.

They do have air conditioning in all parts of the house but nothing beats natural cool air!

Lots of storage spaces. I liked the secret door leading to the walk in closet via the bedroom.

They even have a retractable rod for clothes!

Of course, I had to check my favorite part of the house. The kitchen.....

But you could hardly see it because everybody wanted to pose in the kitchen!!!!

The most important part of my post....

What I had for dinner!

Thank goodness they were lots of choices for someone who is following the wheatfree lifestyle!

I ate almost everything except the food with wheat.

Lechon Paksiw

Pancit con Lechon from Corazon's Marikina

I super loved it! I had 2 servings!

Beef Caldereta

Chop Suey


My favorite Pork BBQ from Mommy Jeng's

Nathaniel's Sio Mai

Roast Chicken

Fried Lumpiang Ubod


Assorted candies and cupcakes

Leche Flan (not in photo)

Brazo de Mercedes

We had coffee, tea and native Kakanin at the roof deck....

I was so full after dinner!!!!!

I was not able to eat the Kakanin anymore for fear of exploding into a million pieces!!!

Congratulations Tricia and Bernie!

Your house is worth every sweat, tears and centavos!



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    1. Sarita! They have a lovely house! I overate ... Again! Hahaha