Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lunch with my "Playmates"

I have been living in our village since the 70's but never played with my neighbors growing up. I just kept to myself and dolls were my playmates.

My favorite activity back then was to "cook" M&M's in my little frying pan over the stove. I would set the table for my dolls then give each one a serving of my precious chocolates. What delighted me most was the fact that I could eat all their food!!!!

Call me a late bloomer but I recently started having "playmates" over to my house. Playmates - meaning my neighbors!

Yesterday, Michelle and Sam were my guests for lunch.

They live just a few houses away from mine.

I cooked Lechon Kawali

And Lumpiang Ubod.

Sam brought wine

And Heaven's BBQ.

I was so surprised Heaven's improved their BBQ! It even came with Java sauce.

Today, my playmates were Tricia, Cat and Shey.

Tricia brought the delicious tapa from Farmer's.

I let them try the Lumpaing Bangus.

They liked it! Especially dipped in garlic-vinegar sauce with Sriracha!!!

I also cooked Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw with Shrimps.

Cat brought assorted fruits.

Shey asked her driver to buy us coffee from Starbucks.

It was Shey's first time to try the Guyabano fruit!

Hahahaha she did not like it as much as we did.

Now that I am so much older.... I am friendlier with my neighbors.

So..... If I say....

Hey, Junkies! Do you want to come out and play?

It just means.... Come over to the house! Let's cook, bake and eat!!!!

Hahahahaha one thing though about living playmates.... I cannot eat their share!


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