Thursday, March 13, 2014

Japanese Lunch with Friends

Dra. Cristina, Mylene and I have been planning to have lunch for weeks!

Finally, we were able to meet up today.

We had lunch at Izakaya Kikufuji. I have not been there in years! Place was still packed with customers up to now. The same serving girls are still there.

We all had the Tempura meal.

We were seated at the counter and I could see all the meat and veggies for grilling! I could not help myself and ordered the pork skewer with teriyaki sauce.

The meat was so tender!

I will experiment one day.

I did not eat a sandwich tonight but made Pain Au Lait.

They look so ugly again!!!!

But the taste was ok.

I have yet to buy bread flour and shortening so I can make pan de sal.

Sugar was below 200 this morning which is a good thing.



  1. izakaya kikufuji is really yummy! try their iced coffee... one of the best! good try on the bread. i think bread baking is that type of thing that takes practice.

    1. We had the iced coffee for dessert! My favorite. Yes, bread making takes a lot of practice to perfect the skill but I'm not giving up.