Saturday, March 22, 2014

Down with the Flu

I caught a nasty bug. I have not been this sick in years! I never had a fever in the last 10 years then the past couple of days my temperature reading reached up to 39!

My dear FGM (fairy godmother) sent me eclairs from Eric Kayser to help me get better!

Maybe I have this ability to send my message telepathically. I asked Hermie to buy me medicines in Rockwell and a few grocery items yesterday. I forgot to list down Instant Chicken Noodle Soup.

Lo and behold! When I went out of my room today, a big bowl of noodle soup was waiting for me!

Before I got sick, my tummy was happier.

Mimi is in town and she treated us for her birthday at Jade Garden.

Hot Prawn Salad

Eggplant and Beef Casserole

Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood

Mimi and Sam also treated me to dinner the other night at Yabu, SM Aura.

I was finally able to buy my long time dream! A ceramic plate with divisions!

I have this quirk... I do not like my food touching each other.... Especially if it has sauce or soup.

I love frying my own fish!

The outside is crispy and the inside is moist and tender. The secret is to fry it over high heat all the way. And..... I love to eat the fish with calamansi and a chunk of cold butter for every forkful!

I also like to cook my own vegetables! See how beautiful the colors are?!?!

Hahahaha I love to cook my own food. Even if I am just eating fried fish and Pinakbet, I make sure the food tastes very good and looks appetizing.

I have a new favorite snack!!!! Magic Melt Biscocho! From Cebu!

The only outlet they have in Manila is at the Ayala MRT station. They have a small kiosk. They do not have it all the time because it runs out easily. Balikbayans love to buy in bulk.

I am feeling a bit better now. I have been sleeping, drinking water and taking medicines every 4 hours. I hope I am fully recovered by tomorrow!!!

Wriggly Chronicles

I was so afraid that Wriggly might catch a cold also so I kicked him out of my room. He was just facing the wall and did not want to " talk" to me.

Lisa said that dogs do not catch the virus of the humans. I asked my vet friend and he confirmed what Lisa told me.

So, Wriggly is back in my room again!




  1. Hi Ms. Lia,

    I'm a fan of your blog ! I love how you'd go to great lengths just to perfect your recipes. Thank you for sharing you recipes and food adventures to us.
    PS I 've been looking for the same ceramic plates with divider. May i know where to get them from? Thanks

    1. Hi! Thank you for following my blog. I got the ceramic with divider at Landmark, Makati.