Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baguette Experiment

Bread making is so easy. I took a half-day course at Sylvia Reynoso's school and had a pan de sal business for 3 years. I used to bake bread and my neighbors would knock on our gate and buy every morning or afternoon. I also took up commercial baking and bread making. The first time with Jing and the second time, just by myself because I wanted to be sure if I really wanted to open a bakery. We do not have one in Bel-Air. I opted not to because even if I get a baker, I cannot wake up early to supervise the business.

So...... Being so wheatful... I bought a new Kitchen Aid dough hook attachment yesterday. I had to replace my old one. It served me faithfully for several years.

My experiment tonight was Baguette.

It was so easy to make!!!!

But I do not have a baguette pan. The bread expanded in the oven and touched each other.

It did not become crusty.

I liked the taste and the texture. I just need to toast it really well when I reheat. I saved one for Tricia and another one for Cat.

I better not experiment anymore.

Pan de sal is my next bread making project.


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