Friday, February 21, 2014

Tea Party at The Elysium

I was invited to attend a Tea Party at The Elysium.

The Elysium is what we call the Silent Garden at the park where my Junk Food Friends and I had a candlelight picnic a couple of weeks ago.

The Bel- Air Street Leaders were invited because the ecology arm of the community launched the "Tapat Ko, Linis Ko" campaign.

It means, we should not wait anymore for the maintenance guys to clean the area in front of our houses. Bel-Air has always won the cleanest and greenest community for several years in a row.

The Elysium was the perfect venue for an outdoor tea party.

The Samovar for the assorted teas/Sangria

Assorted Sandwiches... Tuna and Cucumber/ Cheese Pimiento/ Chicken and Lettuce

Chicken Teriyaki on Sticks

Spanakopita with Tatziki Dip/Grilled Japanese Sweet Corn on Sticks

Dried Mango and Chinese Ham Puffs/ Caprese Crostini/ Marbled Potatoes

The cocktail tables had teapot vases... Cocktail Tops: Turnip Sticks with Kiamoy Powder/ Fish Crackers with Aioli Dip

What's a party without giveaways!

Cupcakes and mini buckets filled with meringue!!!

The little pots with flowers at the base of the tables were also ours for the taking!

I love our newly landscaped garden at the park.

I hope my Junkie Friends and I hold another picnic before the rainy season starts!



  1. Oh wow Lia! What a wonderful coverage! Thanks and hope to do the picnic with you soon :-)

    1. I'm glad you liked the post, Tita Malyne!