Sunday, February 9, 2014


It has been a sad couple of days for Jing and her family ...... And also for us, her second family.

We recently lost Mamita.... Tita Bebet.... The Mom of Jing.

There is this rumor that we have been perpetuating for years....

I am the daughter of Jing's Dad from another planet....

And I am the adopted daughter of Tita Bebet.

My friends and I were always welcome in their home during our college days in AC and years and years after graduation.

She also opened her home and heart to a little girl named, Irish.

She was just 2 years old then and now she is 22 who has shown her love to Mamita by never leaving her side and giving all the love and care that Tita Bebet needed.

I am going to miss her but I will honor her memory by remembering all the happy and funny moments I had with Tita Bebet.

One of the stories she could never forget and love to tell her Northwest Airlines officemates was about the time I was on a diet. I was so hungry in my "nightmare". The Big Mac, French Fries and Hot Fudge Sundae were revolving around my head like planets in the universe!!!!

Hahahahaha! If you want Tita Bebet to laugh until tears roll down her cheeks and clutch her tummy in pain, remind her of that story.

She was Mamita to James, eldest son of Jing.

He made her very, very happy. Such a delightful little boy to her Grandmother.

He was the world to her and James loved her back a hundred folds.

She was pillar of support to Jing......

She was always there for her daughter.....


Not only for Jing.... But also for Tricia...

Who has been given the privilege of taking care of Tita Bebet on her last few years.

Tricia, your mom was so lucky! She had you in her life... You were a blessing to her.

Dear God,

Please welcome Mamita in your home as she welcomed us in hers.

She was such a gracious and generous woman with a golden heart.

She has been your faithful servant until the day she got sick 7 years ago. One of her last activities was organizing the Way of the Cross during Holy Week.

Thank you for lending her to us. Even though we did not want her to leave yet....

The time has come to return her to You.

Mamita!!!! Know that you were loved and will still be loved!!! Hugs and kisses! Please watch over us!