Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm Addicted To Wheat

I am addicted to wheat.... Especially to Eric Kayser bread and pastries!

It is not one of my brightest moments. I was doing so well with the wheat- free lifestyle.... But.....

I can't get enough!


for my Ham and Brie Sandwich.

It was flaky and buttery.

I do not like chewy bread so this was perfect.

Had TWG Creme Caramel with it.

I was supposed to do a Post Prandial blood sugar test after 2 hours but......

I could not wait to try the Kouign Amann!!!!!

Ohhhh that is why wheat is highly addictive!

30 minutes have barely passed since my Ham and Brie snack...... And then.....

I opened my Eric Kayser paper bag and took a bite!

It was embarrassing! I hope no one saw me!

I had that look of pure ecstasy on my face complete with eye rolling motions! Hahahaha!

The pastry was buttery, flaky, sweet and salty all at the same time!

I do not know if it was just my imagination but I could feel a burst of butter on my tongue with each bite!

Hahahahaha I am probably going crazy already.

Just a few more days and I know I will be able to kick off my wheat addiction!

But not yet....

I still have a few more bread and pastries to try at Eric Kayser's!



  1. hi lia, there chocolate croissant is also good.