Monday, February 3, 2014

Cheat Day with Shey!

I barely started with my wheat-free diet and here I am again....

Cheat day with Shey!

I like the sound of it. Say it out loud!

We had tempura and Gyoza at Mitsuyado on Jupiter St.

Loved it!!!!! It's my favorite!

Earlier in the day, I already had 4 pieces of Tempura at Yoshinoya.

I guess everybody knows now what my craving for the moment is.

I even bought Camote flour in SM!

Lisa said, in Dampa they use Camote flour for the tempura. I will experiment and will let you know how it turns out.

I cannot cheat anymore!!!!

I just took my Post Prandial ( 2 hours after a meal) blood sugar and it is 354!

If I walk in the ER now, they will not let me go home.

I am wondering what could possibly make the sugar go up?!?

Breakfast was just 2 hard boiled eggs and green tea.

Morning snack was Turon and French fries.

Lunch was half cup rice, 1 braised chicken leg and a small serving of Pinakbet.

Afternoon snack was 4 pcs. Tempura.

Dinner was 5 pieces tempura, half a cup of rice and 2 and a half pieces of Gyoza.

So what could've caused the spike in blood sugar?!?!

No more cheating for me, Shey. :(

I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies for the meeting tomorrow but I would rather not tempt myself.

Feeling sad :(


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