Monday, February 17, 2014

"Bats" at The Batcave

There were many "bats" at The Batcave yesterday.

Jing ordered food from me for her family. It was the 9th day of their Novena for Mamita.

I just cooked Lumpiang Ubod....

Ox Tail Kare Kare and Vegetables

Chicken and pork Adobo

Steamed Shrimps

Shrimps with Butter and Garlic in Orange Sauce

Singkamas Salad with Red eggs, Tomatoes and Wansuy.

Tita Nesty brought Lengua with Chorizo de Bilbao and Mushrooms ..... I loved it!

She also brought Leche Flan. ( right side - foreground )

Jing ordered a big Caramel Cake from Costa Brava for our dessert.

All the "bats" were happy and busy eating.

I am glad that Jing opted to have lunch at The Batcave instead of dining in a restaurant. They all said everything I prepared was delicious! Of course, everything was cooked "with love"!

Hahahahaha they all know if I do not like the person I am cooking for, the food does not taste as good!

Soooo... Beware!

:(( I have no picture of Jing!!!!!


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