Thursday, February 20, 2014

And I Wonder Why?

I should not have given in to my wheat addiction yesterday. I was doing so well already with an FBS of 161 then when I checked my sugar after eating all the wheat laden food, it became 364!!!! In just a matter of several hours!

It's official, wheat elevates my blood sugar! No doubt about it.

I started my day trying to be good. Just a few slices of grilled Turkish bread, my favorite fish - Talakitok with butter and kalamansi.

Still trying my best to be good.... Fish in Tamarind sauce with rice.

Then ... My life went downhill after lunch.

I fed my wheat addiction again.

I had merienda with FGM Cindy and Vinnie at Cibo's, Rockwell.

We had 4 Cheese pizza, Mushroom dip and potato chips.

I also tried the Chocolate Croissant of Eric Kayser recommended by Vicky.

When I got home, I experimented with the Mang Recto Spaghetti Sauce.

Tricia's experiment was the Egg Boat.

It was so good! I would like to have it for breakfast if I could all the time.

The filling of the sourdough rye bread was eggs, cream, cheese and bacon!

What's not to love?!?! Right up my alley! When I go wheat-free again, I can bake it without bread.

Shey is the new baker of the Batcave! Our "cookie scooper"!

We baked chocolate chip cookies with Dark Pomegranate sprinkled with Sea Salt.

Ready to eat after working hard for our dinner.

I can't decide tonight if I should take my blood sugar or not.

Ok... Or not!

I would rather check tomorrow morning.

Now... I know that wheat free really works!

Question is... When will I go back to that lifestyle?

Should I still wonder why my sugar went up?


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