Friday, January 31, 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

My friends and I went to Chinatown today.

It was a food trip and lucky charms shopping day.

We were supposed to wear something red....

I used my red sneakers.....hahahaha some of them wore red underwear! Guess who????

As soon as we got to Chinatown, we bought the empanada from Quik Snak....

Something we could eat while walking around.....

Mayette ate fishballs .... I bought 20 pesos worth but will cook it at home tonight.

I bought Chicken pie from DEC...

I also bought Asado Roll from Wa Ying.

We wanted to eat there but the queue was soooooo long because it was featured in the Inquirer yesterday.

We ended up at Lamien (hand pulled noodles) just a few doors away.

We ordered Beef Lamien....

Spareribs Lamien.....

Cha Bihon....

Steamed Dumplings....


Fried dumplings.

We bought Korean ice cream from one of the groceries.... I got Watermelon Ice Lolly.

We went inside a store and it was selling different kinds of pies! I was so full I could not eat another one anymore.

I was eyeing the Chicken Curry Pie but there was really no space available in my stomach.

So many people! I considered it a "contact sport" just to navigate through the crowd!

I was following the sea of people and look who I saw?!?!

Wonder Woman ( man?)!

I got a bit "starstruck" when the entourage of Erap and Isko entered Ongpin Street!

The people were screaming, "Erap!!!! Isko!!!!".... Now I understand mob mentality.

I am shamefully admitting I also screamed, ISKO!!!!

Following the VIPs were several horse drawn carriages with beauty queens waving at the crowd. I heard a man say to his son.... "O.... Si Miss Universe!" , then when the next carriage passed.... "Ayan si Miss Tapia!"


I had a great and fun day with my friends!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!


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