Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Fell in Love with The Lord and Master of Soloviento

BINGO, The Lord and Master of Soloviento.

He is a 7-8 month old Jack Russel Terrier and I fell in love with him!

The first moment I laid eyes on Bingo, I knew I wanted him to be mine!

He was waiting at the port for us while we were being ferried by the barge to Soloviento.

His tail was wagging non-stop! Excited to meet the new comers!

Be ready to be boarded by the welcoming committee!

And welcome he did!

Such a playful pup with boundless energy and stamina.

I saw him near the pine trees and called out his name, BINGO!!!!!! And he ran as fast as he could towards me!

He has a little Elmo toy which he got from one of his hiding places ( under one of the campers).

He would run around the place with it!

One moment you can see Elmo near the dock, then the next, it would be in another location.

He was also well behaved especially during meal times. He would just sit on a chair and act as though he was the host and we were his guests.

He never begged for food, just for our attention.

Hahahaha We were screaming when he went up the rooms with dirty paws!

Ohhhh did I mention he likes to be included in photo ops?

I swear to God, as we were about to leave, he hugged Sherman's leg with crossed paws! Then he started biting the pant leg, preventing us from going home. He went with us all the way to the port.

I wanted to take him home with me!

But it was not fair because he was so happy where he was..... So free and loved by everybody.

The Lord and Master of Soloviento, BINGO.



  1. Yup. Bingo is our boss! Come back and visit him anytime!

    1. I love Bingo! I can't wait to see him again!

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  3. omg he's adorable! ^_^

    1. Super Vicky! I can't get him out of my mind!