Friday, January 17, 2014

Diet Food

I started my wheat-free diet last Monday. Of course, I had to eat my last gluten-full craving which was Ebi Tempura.

My Sunday lunch was Ebi Tempura at Nihonbashi Tei on Pasay Road.

Sunday's dinner was...... Ebi Tempura again at Mitsuyado Sen.

It is my favorite among the tempuras out there.

Being on a diet does not mean you will not eat delicious food.

Well.... anything I prepare at home is good enough for me.

Jing had lunch at the house last Monday. We even measured our rice, half cup each but it was a very tightly packed half cup of rice.

Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw

Grilled Tilapia

With kalamansi and chili pepper.

Jing brought something very cute!!!! Lechon de Leche!!!!

Hahahaha It was pan de Leche. It really looked like a cuchinillo.

Another diet food.... Sizzling Bangus

One of my afternoon snacks.... Green mango with Bagoong

I have been browsing the internet on how to make chicharon because I have many pork skin in the freezer.

I came upon a YouTube video of Latin Chicharrones and I experimented.

It was like cooking Lechon Kawali but the oil did not splatter.

I removed the rind, cut it into smaller pieces and refried it in the oil rendered from the pork belly strips.

Deadly but oh so good!

I cooked Beef Bulalo Pochero for Mariger and Jing.

Ohhhh the sauce dried up a bit because we were chatting with Celina via Facetime while I was cooking and forgot about the stew!

Another wheatfree food - Sinigang na Bangus

I checked the contents of my fridge and was able to collect ingredients for Beef Teppanyaki.

The next day, I had Beef Teppanyaki at Sumo Sam

And Chicken Terriyaki.

I only eat half a cup of rice twice a day. I hope my blood sugar improves.

I am very excited, I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday!

I think I am the only one who gets excited over a consult with a doctor.

For sure my blood sugar result will be high because I was eating all kinds of sweets last Christmas plus let us not forget all the bread, pasta dishes and pastries I had!

I always pray that I do not get tempted to veer away from my health goals.

As always.... Wish me luck!


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