Monday, January 20, 2014

Cardiac Arrest

I had a very special menu tonight for my dinner guests, Tita Nene and the Batcave Junkies, Mona, Tricia, Cat and Shey!

I called it my Cardiac Arrest menu.... Especially planned with Tita Nene in mind. I promised her last year that I would cook for her.... All our heart stopping favorites!

Bulalo Soup!

Just the marrow and clear hot broth!!!!

A lot of people are afraid of eating bone marrow.

I have been telling them for a long time that bone marrow is good for your body! It is a mono unsaturated kind of fat! For your point of reference, olive oil is also mono unsaturated fat.

The healthy benefits of bone marrow:

Lechon Kawali! Perfect partner for Bulalo Soup!

Hahahaha Can you feel your arteries clogging already?

Camaron Rebosado con Jamon y Lardo!

What does that mean?! Shrimps with pork fat and Adelina's Ham which I bought all the way from the main branch on Kalentong Street.

I also cooked Tricia's favorite Pata Tim.

Mona's dessert was Buko Lychee Salad.

Earlier in the day, I received a text message from. Mona that her cholesterol was 8.26 or equivalent to 320! I immediately replied and asked her, Do you want me to ask Hermie to cook Paksiw na Bangus for you?!?!

Hahahahaha She said, she would rather go home than eat Paksiw!!! She promised to go on a diet this Wednesday.

I suppose I am blessed with good genes. I used to eat 2 eggs a day for several months and my cholesterol level was lower than normal. The trick there is not to eat it in combination with wheat.

I will have my blood test soon! I hope I pass the cholesterol test with flying colors! I know I am going to fail the blood sugar test but I am already on wheat free so I need a few months to lower it for a better test result next time.

It was such a delight cooking for Tita Nene because she liked (I hope?!) my heart stopping food!

I love it when people enjoy life to the fullest.

Until our next dinner date, Tita Nene!!!!

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly was feeling under the weather but when Tricia, one of his favorite humans, arrived....

He perked up!!!



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