Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Instant" Supermarket Goodies

I bought several "instant" mixes in Bangkok and tried them out today.

I should have bought several packets of the Satay Seasoning Mix and Satay Sauce!

Really, really delish!

The chicken satay was moist and tender.

The peanut sauce was just right plus I also ate it with the cucumber/onion dipping sauce.

I still have to learn to make the sauce and satay from scratch.

The Tom Yum paste used for the soup was a bit spicy for my taste.

I tried one of the potato chips from Bangkok, Sweet Basil Flavor.

Perfect with the Fritos Mild Cheddar dip which I bought in Rustan's yesterday.

I just discovered, if I heat the cheese sauce in the microwave, it tastes better and oh sooo gooey!

I have another new favorite from Rustan's Supermarket also known as The Marketplace, but it will always be Rustan's to me.

My new favorite is the Johnsonville Cheddar Bratwurst.

It was really juicy! I ate with the Potato Salad Tricia mixed for me. Perfect Combo!!!

I love going to the supermarket! It is one of the best ways to de-stress.


I have a new condition called De Quervain Tendinitis.

Now my left hand is in a brace to immobilize my wrist and thumb. I probably injured my hand from too much lifting of my baggage and shopping stroller in Bangkok.


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