Saturday, December 7, 2013

Street Tacos at El Chupacabra

I am crazy over the Street Tacos at El Chupacabra!

I tried it for the first time yesterday. I went back today and ordered Carne Asada.

I really, really loved it!

Especially eaten with their sauces!

The hot sauce was really hot but then if you add the garlic sauce.... It is like dousing fire with cool water!

Well.... That was how it felt in my mouth.

I was not satisfied with one taco, I had to order the San Francisco-style Lean Man's Sisig!

Again.... The same explosion and coolness in my mouth!

One of the reasons why I love the street tacos is because the grilled meat was tender! I did not have to "play" tug-o-war with it.

I tried their pork barbecue but it was a little tough for me.

I also ordered the Patacones con Guiso de Tomato y Cebolla.

That was just fried Saba with salsa.

I brought home the rest and will refry it with brown sugar.

I cannot wait for Jing to try the food at El Chupacabra! She loves Mexican food! She and I have a date! I just do not know when. She is busy with Mommy duties.

I cannot wait to eat there again tomorrow!

Please! Please!

I want to sleep already so I can wake up and eat at my favorite "dive" du jour.




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