Friday, December 27, 2013

Mudge Caramel

I will put my Christmas post on hold for this special treat.

Last December 24, I received a box of cookies from a dear Senior friend, Tita Coret.

I opened the box.... They looked like plain chocolate cookies.... Unassuming simple cookies.

I took a bite .... And then..... I was so surprised!!!! There was an explosion of caramel.... Then an after taste of salt!

The best thing about it? Even with the caramel.... It was not very sweet!

In my FB post, I wrote that after the first bite, you will forget your name!

I have been baking for 35 years already but never have I eaten a cookie this good!


"How do I love thee?"

*On Christmas Day, I only let my WHOLE family taste one cookie! My nephew even got the number on the sticker pasted inside the box.

*I only gave Mona 1/4 of a cookie! Then when I offered her another "bite", I was giving her the evil eye, daring her to say yes. She declined, of course.

* I know my FBS is very, very high but I am willing to risk my health over a piece or 5 pieces... OK... Only 4 and 1/4 because I had to share with Mona :(

Sometimes, I am not sure if I am the only one who likes the goodies I have recommended over the years. I tend to doubt myself.

Was I just imagining that the Mudge Caramel (I think it's the name of the cookie?) was so scrumptious and divine?

Go and try it yourself!

Order a box or two of Mudge Caramel.

You can send a text message to 5 Spoons Inc. - 09176231802.




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