Saturday, November 2, 2013

Red, White and Black Halloween Night at Casa Hackett

Bibo invited me to her Red, White and Black Halloween night at their house.

The table was set with the color theme in mind....

Even the drinks too!

Red Frozen Margarita....

White Frozen Margarita....

I love her Frozen Margarita! She uses this super uber commercial blender. I tried to drink pound per pound with her but I had to give up after 5 glasses! I wanted more! I was just supposed to drink 1 glass of Margarita because it raises my sugar level. I exceeded my quota for the night.

Double Black Label whiskey c/o Joanie.

Our tortilla chips were dark colored! We ate it with red salsa and black and white dip - blue cheese topped with black caviar.

I told Bibo I was going to bring grilled chicken. I know after I cook it the skin will turn black! I was trying to fire up the grill, tried several times but the charcoal remained black! Not red nor ash white. I decided to bake the chicken instead.

Good thing Bibo has lots of toys in her kitchen! She used a mini-blowtorch to blacken my chicken.

She is a professional Chef, so .... just imagine all the beautiful and wonderful kitchen gadgets she has.

For the Black Food, she cooked Feijoada, a stew made with black beans, sausages and meat (pork/beef).

Osso Buco for the red food.

I got a couple of the bone marrow.

Dessert was the chocolate sauce with banana c/o Gay.

She used Trader Joe's chocolate, tablea cacao, corn syrup and cream.

I wanted to eat more but I could not because I already indulged earlier with the Margaritas.

Vegetable Salad with Black Dressing.

Bibo also baked a big pan of brownies. Hector could not take his eyes off of it!

I always look forward to Bibo's get-together. You will always be assured of overflowing drinks, delicious food and fun company!

Thank you, Bibo!!!!

PS - Thank you Marianne and Sarita for the pictures!



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