Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Have a Confession.....

Jing and I held a garage sale last Friday to raise funds for the typhoon victims.

Our own little way of Paying It Forward.

On my FB status the other day, I wrote that the proceeds from the sale might not be big but every cent matters.

I was happy with the amount I was able to generate. I earmarked a portion for a small box of toiletries, earmarked another portion for cash donation and....

This is my confession.....

I used a very small portion for lunch! Jing and I ate at Banana Leaf in Rockwell after the sale.

My Ate said, "Lia!!! How could you use that money for food when a lot of people are going without in the Visayas!?!"

I had to justify to myself that I worked hard to raise funds, so I did not see anything wrong in using it for food. And lunch was just a simple affair of Chicken Satay and a shared order of Nasi Goreng.

Should I feel guilty every time I eat out with friends? Should I feel guilty that I am living in my comfortable home while the people in the Visayas are sleeping out in the open? Should I feel guilty that the Super Typhoon did not pass thru Manila? Should I feel guilty that I am well and alive but other people were not as fortunate?

I am glad that people everywhere, whether in the Visayas or here in Manila, are picking up the pieces after the storm. I have seen news footages of people starting to rebuild their homes and lives and that the government has mobilized its assets.

The humanitarian aid from other countries was such a surprise to me! We cried out for help.... And just like that... They were all on their way to the Philippines! I am very overwhelmed and grateful that our allies have shown their love for us.

I will remember to pray for my fellow countrymen in Central Visayas and for the people who helped us in our moment of despair and need.


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