Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Love Tita Josie

Tita Josie used the be the Head of Sub- Parish of Bel-Air 3, St. Francis of Assisi. She retired already when she moved to one of the condos in Rockwell.

Our church group misses her so much! We planned a small get together for her at my house.

Vinnie and Tita Nene, her mom, brought Baked Chicken in Wine.

Mona made the Catfish Salad.

It is one of my favorites! She got the recipe from my blog but I do enjoy eating food I did not cook nor prepare.

My contribution was the Pad Thai.

Tita Baby and Tita Belle brought very fresh Steamed Lapu Lapu

And Torta Delos Reyes from Aristrocrat!

Tita Josie brought Apple Struedel from Tita Linda Floro's kitchen but unfortunately, she slipped outside my house :((.

She was so upset because she ordered it especially for us but we are all very grateful that she is OK physically.

We enjoyed each other's company and loved the stories each one had to tell.

We are planning on having another night with good food and good friends!

We love you, Tita Josie!


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