Monday, October 28, 2013

Toho Antigua Restaurant

I went to Manila Memorial Park today with Jing. It is our yearly date to bring flowers to our dear departed relatives, my parents and Jing's Dad and sister. We tried to light the candles we brought but it was a windy day.

Of course, this story will not be complete if I do not add a segment about food. Hahaha!

We had lunch at Toho Antigua Restautant on President Avenue, BF Homes. It is an old fashioned kind of Chinese restaurant. Lots of returning customers, mostly families from nearby villages.

I remember, my Mom and I would always eat there after going to the cemetery.

Jing and I ordered Lechon Macau...

Beef with Ampalaya

And an order each of Toho Fried Rice.

Believe it or not, we enjoyed our food! The meat of the lechon was tender, skin was crunchy and the ampalaya was not bitter at all!


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