Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday with Mariger and Jona

I spent my Sunday with Mariger....

We had Tapa breakfast at the Batcave.

I let her eat all the fat!

Our dessert was White Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana.

I need to eat bananas because it is high in Potassium. I have been experiencing leg cramping for several days now. The pain was really excruciating to the point I did not even have the chance to cry! It would last for several seconds but it seemed like forever. I am also limiting my intake of Coke Zero to one serving a day. Drinking too much causes dehydration because of the sodium.

Lunch was at Jona's! Every time she comes home to the Philippines, I would always cook Kare-Kare for her.

Then in turn, she lets me try her cooking! I told her I want to eat the food she cooks all the time in New York.

I enjoyed the sliced tomatoes topped with mozzarella.

I thought the dressing was balsamic vinegar... good thing she used olive oil, toyomansi and freshly cracked black pepper! I am not a fan of balsamic vinegar unless it has been reduced to molasses like syrup.

She also cooked Penne with Grilled Chicken in Vodka Sauce.

What I love about her pasta dishes is that the sauce coats the noodles so well! I tried the sauce because I cannot eat pasta now but the spaghetti she cooked the last time she was in Manila was really delish! I even tried to replicate it but did not turn out as good as hers.

I am so proud of my friend, Jona. She graced the cover of Fil-Am Who's Who in the Tri-State Area.

She was also chosen as one of the Top Ten Filipino Women in New York this year!

Way to go, Jona Jane!

Mariger enjoyed the Tapa so much that we went to Farmer's after lunch.

Lucky us.... We were able to buy live female Talangka!!!!!!

Heavenly!!! YUMMMMM!!! I had these little creatures for dinner!

It was a fun and tummy filling day!



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