Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soup for the Sick

Last night was very bad, I could not sleep well because I had a coughing fit due to allergy. It is probably the changing weather we are experiencing. My throat is so dry and itchy. My voice is very hoarse and the only food I wanted the whole day was soup.

I was searching the net yesterday and came upon this picture of Patpat's Kansi in Google Search.

Of course, as soon as I could get out of bed, which was past noon, I immediately went to the eatery and ordered, Bulalo!

Yummy marrow heaven!

Best eaten with patis, kalamansi and chili dipping sauce!

The serving was just enough for me. I do not like it if it is very big, then I would have to share the marrow. This is what I like, just the shank with bone marrow, a few bits of meat, soup and rice!

You can't be a queasy eater in this restaurant. It is just a garage converted into a dining area.

The place is popular though so I assume the owner practices good sanitation habits.

Another kind of soup to soothe my throat....

Vietnamese Pho with Meatballs.

I thought it would soothe my throat but the fresh chili made my throat itchier!

It was a good dinner nonetheless.

I just want hot soup until I feel better.


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