Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Happy" News

I am very HAPPY today. I was wheat-free for 30 days starting September 1! No bread, pasta and pastries!

I am 10 lbs. lighter and lost 5 inches off my waistline. I have to buy the FBS test strips so I can report my improvement.

I am HAPPY because I ate my favorite Taro Puffs!

I am HAPPY because Vinnie invited Mona and I to try the Goulash she cooked.

I told her, while we were attending mass, I was already imagining our boring dinner at home, Tocino and Rice. Then as the homily continued, I was doing an inventory of what I have in the house. I have dried shrimps, Thai shrimp paste, eggs and nuts. I have all the ingredients for Bagoong Fried Rice!

But.... Good thing, I did not have to cook anymore!

Thank you, Vinnie for letting us try your Goulash! I ate so much rice with it! I want to experiment one of these days.

The Wriggly Chronicles

I think he is celebrating "Happy Birthday Everyday"! It is just the 1st day of October and he already received gifts from his "Ninang Happy"!

Thank you so much, HAPPY!

Look how naughty Wriggly is!


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