Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mexican Night with my Junkie Friends

Last night was Mexican night with my Bel-Air Junk Food Friends!

What we all have in common....

We love to eat! We enjoy it so much even if it does not agree with our waistlines!

I cooked Chili con Carne....

With a few blocks of Dark Chocolate Cristina gave me.

Shey was in charge of the chips, salsa, cheese sauce and soda!

Mona's experiment was baked shrimps with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapeƱo strips filling topped with bacon.

It was supposed to be, Camarones Rellenados con Queso, shrimps wrapped in bacon.

We already experimented the night before but the filling was oozing out. So we opted to bake it instead.

Tricia made Quesadillas.

She used Corn Tortilla because I cannot eat the regular flour tortilla.

She also brought a BIG bowl of Queso con Chili!

Yum!!!! Best eaten with salsa and Nachos!

Our Happy Hour started after dinner.

They wanted to try the Gilbey's Gin with Green Tree extract from Shey.

As usual, Cat was our bartender!

Her experiment for the night was Margarita!

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

I really enjoy the time I spend with my KST friends. What's not to like?! We have two favorite topics!

Food and how to get slimmer!



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