Monday, October 21, 2013

Lunch at Maria Luisa's Garden Room

I had a lunch date with my senior friends today. It was Tita Josie's birthday treat at Maria Luisa's Garden Room, Makati Garden Club.

Pathway going to the Cafe....

Tita Josie reserved a table for us at the French glass encased area.

We tried the appetizer... Shrimp with caviar on pumpernickel bread.

Salad de Maison- Salmon with Mango and Mustard Dressing

I had the Green Apple with Lemon and Mint juice.

Hahahaha I was imagining I had this little bottle of rum in my bag then I would pour the contents into the glass... Instant Mojito!

PD and Tita Butchie each ordered The Shepherd's Reward - Pink Roast Lamb, Remoulade Sauce, Feta Cheese, Capers, Sun-dried Tomatoes

Tita Tess had the Mid Summers Feast - "Gravlax" Cured Salmon, Dill Mustard

Tita Mita ordered The Veterinarian Midnight Snack - Danish Liver Pate, Bacon and Mushroom.

I only had the French Onion Soup minus the bread.

Tita Josie ordered the Ciopino Seafood Bake - Salmon, Red Snapper, Clams, Crab's Claws,Olives and Tomatoes. Sided by crusty bread and steamed rice.

It was a huge serving. Since everybody had their own food, Tita Joise and I practically shared the entire order!

Dessert was Mango Jubilee Crepes.

The place was filled with groups of women. Everybody was happy and the atmosphere of the Cafe was very light and joyful.

My Senior friends and I enjoyed the company of each other.

We already set a date for our November and December lunches!

I am lucky to have them as my friends!

Thank you, Tita Josie for a delicious lunch!



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