Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bibo's Birthday at Casa Hackett

Bibo celebrated her birthday yesterday at "Casa Hackett", the equivalent of my Batcave.

She and I are so much alike. She loves to cook and entertain her friends. If only we lived near each other then I would be her daily visitor!

Her very good friend, Sarita, organized a "surprise" celebration!

We brought food and the "surprised" celebrant also prepared Pancit Bihon and Mango Ensalada.

Gay's gift to Bibo was the lechon from Cebu Lechon Family.

Chef Bibo expertly chopping the skin for us to pick and pull.

My hand caught on camera!

Sparkly Sparkly Eyes!

Mona and I brought Kare-Kare and Bagoong Fried Rice.

Marianne's and Sarita's contribution were the Pinakbet and Boneless Bangus.

The Conti's Tiramisu Cheesecake was from Baby.

Ohhhhh I enjoyed the Margarita Bibo prepared using her wonderful commercial blender!

It was like slushy and I got "Slushed" after about 4 or 5 glasses to the point that I thought the pomelo segments were Raffles Cheddar and Sour cream potato chips!

Happy Birthday (October 10) Bibo!

Thank you for opening your heart and house to your friends!



Thank you Sarita for letting me use some of your FB pictures!


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