Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Evening with my Schoolmates

It all started with a picture of Pancit Puti I posted in FB and tagged my friend, Ochie. Her Mom, the owner of LSS Pancit Puti, has a YouTube cooking demo video. I followed it and showed her my experiment. Then she said, she wanted to try it!

I replied, Sure! I also invited my other schoolmates, from the upper and lower batches. It was a Potluck affair.

The pressure in cooking Pancit Puti was really great because the daughter of the "inventor" of the dish was going to try it!

Ochie said, I passed the test!

Whew! Boy am I glad my guests liked it!

Ochie brought my favorite Beef Strogonoff.

I attended their Silver Jubilee. The catering outfit was LSS, her family's catering service. Cath and I could never forget the Beef Strogonoff! I was so happy I was able to eat it again after 2 1/2 years!

I had 3 servings of it and 3 servings of rice!

Marlaine brought Shepherd's Pie.

It was wheat free! Was able to eat 2 servings!

Mona's contribution was the Pork Embutido.

I can't wait to wake up, fry the Embutido and eat it with garlic rice!

Maria Carmela brought Dynamite.

It is JalapeƱo filled with ground meat and cheese rolled in Lumpia wrapper! Was just telling them how perfect it is to drink alcohol with it!

Fiona brought assorted pastries from Cake Avenue.

Mei got us goodies from Conti's,

What a nite! I was really glad to see them all again after so many years!

The consensus: We should do this more often!

The Wriggly Chroncles.....

He did not want to be left out..... So he went up "his" sofa and started checking out the bags of the guests and its contents!


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