Monday, September 30, 2013

Photo Streaming

I've been having photo streaming problem between my phone and my ipad. I was not able to post this past few days. Hopefully, it was not because of the ios7 upgrade.

My friends and I visited the new Sm Jazz Mall at the corner of Jupiter and Reposo. The SM Hypermart is already open! I enjoyed going through aisle per aisle. The place was very clean and cold!

In their mini fast food .... I saw Cebu Lechon Belly!

The first outlet is at Parkmall in Cebu. Now they have different branches in Metro Manila.

I also saw Pao Tsin, Hen Lin, Roasting, Bakery and Lotsa Pizza! It's one of my favorite pizzas because it reminds me of 3m pizza.... The pizza of my childhood!

Soon to open are Vikings, Sandwich Shop, Slappy Jack, Wendy's.....

Spring by Ha Yuan!

They have good cua pao and fresh spring rolls.


I love their Potato Chips there! I cannot wait to try out the place with my Junk(ie) Food Friends!

Hahaha we should call ourselves, JFF a.k.a. Junkie Food Friends!

Mango Tree Cafe!

I wonder if it is the same as the Thai Resto in BGC High Street?

The place has a lot of possibilities! I hope all the restos open soon!

I haven't been cooking anything new.... Just my usual.

My new dentist ordered 3 kilos of Chicken and Pork Adobo last Saturday!

Whew! That was tiring work. I hope he and his guests liked it.

My cravings for the weekend....

Nachos, homemade salsa and cheesy beef dip.

Hacienda Macalauan Live Yoghurt

Filipino Bistek...

I used white onions but I prefer red onions.

I made Pancit Bihon.... Cooked in F-A-T!

My JFF and I love the cheese curls from the Comfoods Building. I did a research and it is the same as Big Munch Cheese Puffs!

Good news! It is wheat- free because it is made from Corn!

Tricia said even though it is wheat-free, it is still junk food so we should consume in moderation only. But it is comforting to know that if we want, we could eat it!

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly gave me a scare tonight! Well, I suppose everybody knows his bad habit of going up the table.

He did it again tonight! Then I heard a crash and my baby took a bad fall! He was crying out loud and was lying on his side in pain! I was in tears while trying to look and feel for broken bones at the same time admonishing him not to go up on the table again!

I was massaging his body gently because I didn't know the extent of his injuries. I helped him stand upright and my baby was limping!!!! I massaged him again and I was able to breathe easily when he was not limping anymore.

Then...... I knew he was feeling better when I saw him messing with the brown paper bag which fell on the floor.

Thank Goodness he is stronger now because of the Vitamins B1, B6, B12 he has been taking. Happy's Vet husband prescribed it to him.

Wriggly! You have to take better care of yourself! We want you to reach your 15th birthday on October 18!



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