Friday, September 6, 2013

Nuts and Groceries

I have a new discovery in Farmer's Market! The name of the stall is Nuts and Groceries!

They sell all kinds of Filipino snacks.

It is in the dry goods section behind the Rice sellers.

I bought garlic peanuts the other day for my Lumpiang Hubad. Mona and Shey could not stop eating the peanuts! I had to tell them to take their hands out of the "Garapon"!

My Kuya and Ate asked me to buy for them.

Next week, I will buy for my friends because I could not carry a lot.

Lunch was heavenly Talangka and rice!

I ate a lot of rice because the Talangka was really...... Super Yum to the nth degree!

I even made it my iPad wallpaper.

My neighbors, Anna and Shey, ordered Pritchon from me!

Then I had to rush to SM to buy 5 K. pork belly because I have an order of 50 pieces for Sunday!

Ohhhhh look at the surprise I got from Tricia! Thank you!

Coarse Sea Salt!

I am excited to use it for my Nilagang Baka tomorrow.

My omelette is looking better and better everyday!

Breakfast was Mushroom and Gouda Cheese Omelette.

Merienda was the grilled chicken at Mang Inasal.

Light dinner.... Beef Tacos.

I am just on day 6 of following the wheat-free lifestyle and it seems that I have been doing it forever! I am past the withdrawal stage because I do not crave for breads, pizza, pasta and pastries anymore! I even saw Bronuts in Rockwell's Baker's Dozen Fair but did not salivate over it.

I am very tired today. I went to Farmer's Market in Cubao, SM Supermarket in Makati and Rustan's in Rockwell.

Tired but happy :)



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