Monday, September 2, 2013

Never Say Never

A few years back if someone asks me what is my most hated cuisine, I would have answered Vietnamese. I do not know what happened but now I cannot get it out of my mind. Ever since I have eaten the Chao Long in Puerto Princesa at Rene's Saigon, I have been craving for it.

I try to eat the ones here we have in Manila but it pales in comparison. Just look at the difference?!

In the mean time, I just have to make do with what is available in the city.

Lunch today was at Pho Bac in Glorietta. I had the Beef and Meatball Pho.

It was a wheat-free meal but not starch-free because of the meatballs but at least it was not bread nor pasta.

I was searching for a food journal app yesterday for the iPhone or iPad and downloaded, iHad. It is a photo journal of what I have eaten for the day. Then it dawned on me, I do not need it because I have a blog!

Breakfast this morning was 2-egg omelette with onions, tomatoes and hot and spicy tuna.

Dinner was Chicken Curry.

I cooked it last Saturday but saved it for tonight because it is a wheat-free dish.

I ate it with Glazed Sweet Potatoes.

Believe it or not, I did not need to eat in between snacks today!

Amazing isn't it? I even bought several flavors of yoghurt in the grocery but I did not eat it.

Soooo..... I think I'm good.

PS.... I wanted to go to the new branch of Banoi's. They moved to Kapitoylo from Perea but it was just so hot today. Hopefully, tomorrow I can go.


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