Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monchie's Lechon

I was given a difficult task yesterday. My Ate said to look for a Lechon de Leche for our Saturday lunch. I googled all day long and checked out the reviews and TV segments.

I usually order our Lechon from Ping-Ping's, Elar's or Mila's but I remember, I attended a party a few years ago and asked the hostess where she got her Lechon. She said, Monchie's.

I called up their number and talked to Dulce, the owner.

I related to her how I learned about her lechon and she promised to give me the Fiesta Lechon.

True enough, she did not disappoint me and my family.

We all loved it! The lechon even passed PD's standards! The size was perfect for 5 adults and 3 teenagers! Although it could have fed about 15 people but we just got the parts we liked.

I only like to eat the skin.... I got a plateful of paper thin crunchy skin....

And a rack of ribs!

I do not like to eat the other parts anymore.

The taste was very clean and delicious. Salty and garlicky. Meat so tender and not bloody at all! Very moist and juicy!

And the best thing about it?!?! A whole 8 Kg. Lechon de Leche was only 3,000 pesos! They deliver for an additional 500 pesos but you can pick it up from La Loma.

Still a lot of lechon.... Hermie is cooking Paksiw na lechon now as I write this post.

Ohhhh so wonderful! Everybody was so delighted and contented.

We have a new favorite! It is a cross between the Tagalog and Cebu Lechon. Really flavorful!

Monchie's Lechon! The "Super Sarap na Lechon" according to their slogan.

I know there was a "sparkol" in my eyes as I was doing the honors of chopping the pig.

Happy! Happy! Ohhhhh soooo Happy!


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