Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mona's Birthday Celebration with Family and Friends

Mona celebrated her birthday today with family and friends at their house in Alabang Hills.

We have been discussing her menu for weeks! I was just telling my friends earlier that my favorite is simple Filipino but delicious food. It makes me happy especially when eaten with friends with the same palette.

Mona and I opted for something we know would delight our friends.

Adobong Alimango

Mona ordered from me. Tita Letty, the original Adobong Alimango Queen, said my version passed the test! She said it was very good! Yay!

Cebu Lechon Sinigang.

She brought home CNT Lechon from Cebu.

Pork Embutido

She got the recipe from my blog. I loved it! She even added olives and used cornstarch instead of flour as a binder so I could eat it! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Crispy Hito

Our special request. We love the way they fry it.

Mona even made a dipping sauce for the fish - ampalaya and tomatoes. Perrrrrrrfect!

Pancit Bihon for long life.

Burong Manga

My version of Aligue rice.

I scooped the aligue bits on top of the garlic rice and squeezed kalamansi on it. I had 2 servings of my specially blended rice!


Leche Flan

Sans Rival baked by Tita Letty

Costa Brava Mocha Cake

I was so full, I wanted to eat more but I was holding back! I almost did not make it to the luncheon. I woke up with a very bad case of Vertigo! I took Serc 16 mg. and Jing said it will help if I take a Cold shower. True enough, it did.

Happy Happy Birthday, Mona!

Wishing you the best of life and for more food adventures with you!

We all love you!


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