Thursday, September 5, 2013

Full Day

Not only did I have a full day today but I also had a full tummy!

I am getting better and better with my omelette.

Breakfast: Spanish Omelette with JalapeƱo Peppers.

Lunch was just a "replay" of my previous meals because I was very busy preparing for my catering stint today.

Lunch: Adobo and Bicol Express

I was assigned to cater for our KST session today.



4 kilos of Lechon Kawali for the Pritchon.

Yaya Hermie made 2 rolls without tortilla for me and for Shey. We are trying so hard to do wheat-free.

Fresh Lumpiang Hubad

Hermie cut up all the vegetables.

The recipe in my blog is called "Vegan" Lumpiang Hubad. But it was not vegan today because I added "liquid gold".

I used the oil drippings from the Lechon Kawali!

Dinner was at Ba Noi's, Kapitolyo with Mona, Mayette and Jon.

I had Pho Bo.

Mona and Mayette shared in one serving of Pho Bo.

And the lone boy, Jon, got the Seafood Pho.

They also tried a vegetable dish.

I have eaten Pho in most of the Vietnamese restos in the city. I am ready to experiment with my own version. I will be practicing soon. Shey and Mona volunteered to be my taste testers.

Our dessert was at Madmark's Creamery, also in Kapitolyo. We got Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

I am very tired.... But happy tired :)

Tired from cooking and tired from eating!!!



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