Monday, September 30, 2013

Date with the Seniors at Wooden Spoon- Rockwell

I had a date today!

Date with my Senior Citizen Friends!

I was with Tita Tess, Tita Josie, Tita Mita and PD. Too bad Tita Butchie was not able to join us this time.

We had lunch at Wooden Spoon - Rockwell.

I loved the Red and Century Egg Salad!

I am going to recreate it at home and maybe eat it with grilled or smoked fish!

Crabmeat Pancit

Crispy Shrimps with Aligue Sauce

Adobo Flakes

Bicol Express

We had our dessert at Sugarhouse.... Canonigo, Sugar-free Apple Pie and Chocolate Truffle cake.

Our monthly get-together usually takes several hours!

The Seniors never run out of stories!


Mainly because they are always having senior moments!

They already told the stories several times in the past.

My Senior friends are great company. I learn so much from them about life and LOVE!


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