Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Lucky Day

Today was one of my lucky days! I received several presents from friends!

Thank you Gina and Al for the Polly's Chocolate Cake!

Hahahaha Do not worry, I shared it with the rest of my family and friends. I did not hide it from everybody.

I also received "Haw Flakes" balls on a stick from Cherry! Thank you!

Would you believe, even Wriggly got presents from "MY" Ninang Celina!

Thank you!!! Kiss Kiss Hug Hug from "Iggyboy"!

I suppose it was not really luck.

I received a message this morning from Tita Nene Lichauco that the Barangay is accepting donations for the flood victims. I just bought a small box of instant noodles. I thought to myself, it does not feel right to celebrate my birthday in Cebu and have fun while most of the people are displaced, hungry and in despair. It is not as though I can cancel the trip and donate the money because it has been paid for already plus it is a gift from my Ate.

As soon as I dropped off my donations.... I started receiving gifts! I was not expecting anything in return .... But .... Wow... That was fast!

Thank you again dear friends for the unexpected surprise!


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