Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Cooking

I spent the afternoon just cooking.

My friend's status in FB: Cooking Adobo for dinner. I posted a comment that I was also cooking Adobo but I do not know when I will eat it.

I had a late lunch. I had so many errands this morning and cooked Adobong Pusit when I got home.

Hermie texted me this morning that Sylvester passed away already! I told her to wait for me so we can take him to Dog and Cat Hospital for cremation.

Sylvester is Wriggly's older littermate. Both of them will turn 15 in human years this October. When I got home, Hermie said that Sylvester "rose from the dead"! She and my worker were preparing his body for "cremation", they were giving him a bath when "Kuya Sylvester" stood up! Hermie did not text me that he was alive!

Whew! What a scare! Wriggly wanted to go out, probably to be with his "Kuya" but I did not allow him. Sylvester was my mom's pet, then became Hermie's pet. He stays in her area.

I bought beef shanks in the grocery and tenderized it in the pressure cooker. I still do not know if I will cook Nilaga or Sinigang tomorrow.

See that buttery fat on the surface?! I have yet to decide if I will add it to the soup or not. Hermie knows better than to dispose of it.

I experimented with another kind of spaghetti today. Jona taught me to use Del Monte Traditional sauce.

I added ground beef, sugar, salt and green pepper to the sauce. The taste is similar to McDonald's spaghetti!

It was a fruitful afternoon for me.

Ohhhhhh a little good news or not!!!! Hahahaha....

I was walking in Glorietta this morning when my pair of shorts dropped almost to my knees! Good thing I caught it before I embarrassed myself. Just a few weeks ago, I could hardly button my linen shorts.

I suppose being a " good girl" helped. I limited my intake of bread, stopped eating ice cream, almost stopped eating cakes but Gina and Al gave me Polly's Chocolate cake yesterday.

I cannot wait for September when I go wheat-free again!!!



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