Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy 85th Birthday, Tita Dely!!!

Tita Dely invited me to her 85th birthday celebration at Nolan's and Sol's house today.

She is the Tita of Mayette and we always visit her whenever we go to Balanga, Bataan.

The star of the party was the Lechon!

And the "starlet" was the crabs from Bataan!

We also had Chicharon Bituka....

Chicken Relleno by Mayette....

Baked Fish...

Steamed Vegetables...

Pancit Sotanghon...

Tita Letty's Sans Rival....

Estrel's Butter Cake

And Estrel's Caramel Cake.

I only concentrated on the Lechon.... With lots of crispy skin!

Hahahaha Too bad I poured a lot of sauce, the skin was not too visible but I assure you... There were several layers on top of each other.

OMG!!!!! The aligue was to die for!

3 inches high of heart stopping yummy goodness!

I only got half a crab because I do know how to be cautious in terms of food high in cholesterol. I had to admit, I got a little dizzy. Good thing, there was pineapple juice. I was able to "dilute" the fat.

In my imagination, the pineapple juice served as the "declogger".

Tita Dely was serenaded by Kz. Nolan accompanied her on the piano.

I am so glad we, Mona, Mon and I, were invited! I feel so special!

Thank you, Tita Dely! I will include you in my prayers and ask God to keep you safe and healthy!



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