Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cooking (and Mojito) Lessons with the KST Girls

My KST friends, Shey, Mona, Cat, Tricia and I had a cooking and Mojito mixing session tonight!

I taught them how to cook ....

Shrimps with Salted Egg Yolks Sauce

(The recipe is in my blog, I do not know how to add a link using the Blogsy app.)

I had very diligent and happy students!



They also learned how to make Fish in Tamarind Sauce ( recipe is under the Seafood tab). Mona bought the ingredients for this dish.

Tricia brought Oriental Chicken Salad.

Our "after-dinner" lesson was the Mango Mojito. Shey was in charge of the chips and dips.

Hahahaha Favorite "subject" of Cat!

Tricia also excelled in the Mojito class.

We enjoyed ourselves tonight and I hope my "students" learned something from me!



Wriggly Chronicles

They thought Wriggly was a quiet old dog. While we were having dinner, he was just sleeping under the table. Perhaps he was a bit shy because he does not know them that well yet.


As soon as they left my house.... Wriggly showed his true colors!



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