Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birthday Lunch with my Family

Today was my birthday lunch with my family.

I was in Gourdo's the other day and they just brought out their heavy duty Paellera!

So, I gave myself a gift!

Our food today was..... Paella

Mila's Lechon.....

I had to go all the way to La Loma! I did not buy a whole Lechon.... Just a few kilos for us.

Camaron Rebosado con Jamon y Lardo

I did not tell the kids it had FAT or else they would have removed it! Horrors of horrors for fat loving people like the rest of my family.

Baked Tahong .... Favorite of my nieces and nephew.

My little guests are not so little anymore!

Nicky brought his girlfriend,Cy. Sophie invited her best friend, Klaudia.

And for dessert...... Magnolia Buttery Sweet Corn!!!!!

I super loved it! I asked my Ate to buy for me in Landmark. They do not have it in Rockwell,

This is my last day to eat ice cream and cake. I was chatting with Lisa last night via Facetime and told her my vision was getting blurry. She said, my sugar was too high. I have been eating the Chocolate Cake I got for my Children's Birthday party and let us not forget all the desserts since August started.

I have concluded my series of birthday parties!

Hahahaha I hope?

I am so tired now I just want to rest. My adrenaline is beginning to crush. During the preparations for all my celebrations, I was tireless. I had the energy of an Energizer Bunny.

I will just eat healthy food until my next birthday celebration.

I am going to be good the whole week because I am going to be bad next weekend!!!!



  1. oh wow there's already buttery sweet corn ice cream! it's one of my favorite ice cream flavors! can't wait to try it on my next cheat day.

    1. It was soooo good, Vicky! I had 3 scoops!

  2. Hi Miss Lia, a belated happy birthday. I hope it's never too late. haha~I'm Bea, Tita Mayette's pamangkin, (Tita Dely's birthday) ^^