Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lunch at Jona's

Jona is in town with her kids. We had lunch at her new townhouse. Every time she comes to Manila for a visit, we always have a Kare Kare date. I also asked her to cook something for me! I always see in Facebook the delicious food she lovingly prepares for her kids.

Jing and Mona joined us today.

Jona prepared an appetizer ......

Small packets filled with smoked tinapa then topped something akin to Salsa....

Hahahaha and ignorant little me thought the little white squares were tokwa!

It was Feta Cheese!

I loved the spaghetti! This is exactly the taste I am looking for!

The sauce clung to the noodles and it was perfect! I am going to cook this. It's just garlic, salt, canned tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese!

Jing loved the Chicken Parmigiana!

So generous with the mozzarella cheese!

Jona also served Shrimps cooked in butter


Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu!

The Kare Kare I cooked today had tripe and oxtail!

I have to say...lt is one of my best Kare Kare ever!

Cooked with love for Jona!

I always serve the vegetables separately so you can freeze the leftover Kare Kare for a couple of weeks and just add boiled veggies next time.

Mona brought Paksiw na Liempo

.... Beef Mechado

And Cuchinta from Imus.

Jing brought Pichi Pichi with cheese from Amber's.

We were so full we had to stand up after lunch!

Hahahaha I even lifted my top to show them my tummy! They said not to do it again! Aha hahahaha!

Jona! Thanks again for inviting us! We super enjoyed ourselves.

Tsalap! Tsalap!

Until your next visit!



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