Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Love Breakfast Food!

My most favorite meal of the day is breakfast!

But...... I can never wake up early enough to enjoy it.

So I had "breakfast" for dinner!

I've been craving for pancakes these past few days!

I already tried all the brands out there in the market. My favorite is Maya Fluffy n' Tasty!

PD bought the Maya Quick n' Easy and she did not like it. I told her just to get the Fluffy one.

My pancakes were sooooo light and fluffy! I added 1/4 t. Baking powder and 2 more tablespoons of water. If I don't, the pancakes will turn out dense and heavy.

Of course.... The perfect partner is Aunt Jemima Syrup. I do not like any other brand.

One time, Lisa and I were chatting via FaceTime and she was eating Libby's Vienna Sausage! I bought in Rustan's today but I still prefer Purefoods. Sophie said, I should try the red Libby's next time. I also shared my pancakes with her. She said it was really good unlike the pancakes her yayas cooked which tasted like cardboard.

Fried egg! Ohhhhh Lookeeee!

Perfectly fried egg, in my opinion. This is the way I like my sunny side up. I do not want it with crust on the bottom. Mayette prefers it that way, though. I used a non-stick skillet over low heat.

I am very happy :) Happy Tummy!




  1. Yes I agree... breakfast food is awesome with all the works... pancake, egg, sausage. ^_^